New Project!!!!

The project “Circle of CHANGE: Preventing and combating violence against women and girls through gender equality awareness” is officially launched! Circle of Change is under the European Commission RIGHTS, EQUALITY AND CITIZENSHIP PROGRAMME (REC). The project operates on national level and aims to:
1. Support awareness-raising and education activities directed at preventing and combating violence against.
2. Combat victim-blaming and encourage victims and witnesses to report violence to the relevant authorities and institutions.
3. Train first points of contact.
4. Provide proper and targeted information to youngsters as regards to violence against women and what constitutes violence either in their physical relationships or through the internet.
5. Provide training activities for professionals, awareness-raising education for young boys and girls in high schools and a wide spread media campaign.
The consortium consists of: Cyprus Police, baring the role of the project coordinator, partnering with the Association of the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (SPAVO), the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) and Enoros Consulting Ltd.